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Life on Caffeine
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in arenteri's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
6:16 pm
HG Hangover
Woah silver, I drank a bit much last night. I am thinking I may be suffering from depression. I have my friends but I may be trying to hard to meet me a nice lady. Joey came out to HG that was cool. Amber also came out, Mike , Dave and Ms. Toast. Oh yeah even Frank was there. He was acually pleasant last night. Well I may chill on the drinking (QTY that is) but next week I need to be back on the bike routine.
It sucks I am oncall starting today so I can not ride my bike. wa'ah...
Well I know yall have wondering , hey is Al going to get a tattoo . Well of course just got to get the funds and time to do it. I did not ask the chick to lunch at work. I am just not a 100% into her and I do not want to just settle for anything. Being doing that most of life. I want someone who is active, sick sense of humor and loves music like me. Anyways friends do me some good. James at work asked me if I wanted to go drinking I was like hell no. Not tonight dude! Oh yeah I have remind myself to get some people some of the yellow bands. My brain has been on the fritz because of work being so busy..... Well I am going to take a step back and evaluate. I have laura to thank (via LiveJournal). A new beginning is needed.

Friends till then end, I hope and pray everyone is doing well.

Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
6:59 pm
Jolly Goodness
Ok folks , my laptop has been repaired. Now I guess I need to catch up. Well I am doing better at work just a bit busy lately. I do have some good news, Kurt and I may start Dj'ing weddings. I am excited, his folks are putting up the cash for the equipment. We are doing his sisters wedding. I am so excited to be back in this again. woowowowowoo. On a somber note hagan is moving out of town to Austin. I will be okay though, that just means I have to get off my kiester and go there. Possibly ACL again this year. woop woop. I have not had time to ride my bike. Tomorrow I will make time for sure. Tonight Hagan and I are going to HG for some party time. By the way it is stacy mcpherson's birfday, bleh!. ha ha do not like her she is a f...ing snob. anyways, going to houston next weekend for kurt's sisters shower. Got to get ready for the wedding. Personal life I asked out a chick at work and she gave me the finger , not really but she did give me the rejection phone number. Man I am great with women. Oh well I gave it a shot. I will ask her to lunch tomorrow. Persistence
will prevail. Thursday night is hee haw night for me. Other than that nada but bike riding. I am up to 25 miles and it is killing me. I guess it will be good for my health. Man I love (l) music....... Well kiddos , got to get the hair did for tonite.


Peevert Al
Monday, May 24th, 2004
5:32 pm
Well here I am writing again in the journal. Right now I have a nasty crick in my neck, I am currently trying to pop it out, ouch! Well I was unmotivated just a bit today. I found I am going to El Paso with my mom to see grandma. She just turned 83 and I thought it would be a good gesture to go and see her. When I get back I off to turn New Jersery to train Garrick on a store build. I am looking forward to smoking a cigar and hitting Alantic City. Hello Sopranos! haha, anyways I went to bed kinda of late , went over to Joeys last night played video games and watched Scary Movie 3. I nodded it off like 3 or 4 times, zzzzzzz. I then get home and can't sleep.
Earlier in the day I went 4 wheeling, I was kinda of hesitant to ride but I finally went and tried to crash Brants 4 wheeler. It has thumb throttle which I really hate and only like twist throttle. That thing wore out my hands. I semi burned my leg when tried to drive up the tree. I got some sun which I why I went in the first place. It was awesome hanging out with joey, I had not in awhile. He just makes me laugh and I forget how bad my week was quickly. Well stomach is a rumbling must eat some food and get rid of this f@#$@#king crick. Anyhow, waiting on Ladies night this Thursday at Red River. Yee Haw!

Laura loo I am waiting for Sarah Mac -

Latre Great Friends/Porn Freaks
Friday, May 21st, 2004
4:17 pm
Woke up late after a late night frazzle at Red River. Hungover, UGH, I was not going to go but I kinda of needed a few beers. This week has not been kind to me. I am thinking about C/W Dance Lessons on Sunday at Red River. I am just tired of the same scene and decided in something new. Gary who I work with has been going with me on Thursday which is ladies night. ;) So far I am having a fun time. I am sometimes feeling the effects of not being around Hagan. It is for the best because he and I are gasoline and matches waiting to burn the buildings down on Lower Greenville. It is awkward cause Laura Alvarado and I would have discussions about old age slowing us down. Hell 5 years ago I could drink a week straight and be fine. Now I limit myself to one night of debauchery. Tell you what my social life is never lacking, but I am also the type who feels overwhelmed when I get into cycle of social activity. I just not a social schmo and never have been. Everyone wants to be the life of the party, I choose to watch a voyeur if you will. When I have something to say it is usually important but very rare. What is funny is I have to be talky talky person at work and I rise to occasion. Lunch today helped , I always depend on laura to listen to my babble and do it with a smile. Gayle enjoyed the southwestern egg rolls, I am not much for leftovers. I think tonight I will watch some baseball NY Yankees are in town against the TX Rangers. Other than that my sister Lisa is graduating from Berkner HS just as I did. Go RAMS! I am proud of my sister. She is all grown up, working a new job. I try once in a while to raise her spirits, it seems she is a lot like me. A shy bunny at first and then a talky talky with close friends. Well this journal is a great idea. I always have stuff on the brain, so hopefully I can stick to it because I need the sleep. Thanks for the idea laura-loo.

Rest is calling, oh so nice are those pillows.
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